Susanna Clarke – Piranesi

Wow. Finished Susanna Clarke’s Piranesi in less than 24 hours. It’s not the longest of books but still the first time in ages I’ve been compelled to progress so quickly through a novel.

It’s difficult to comment on the book without giving away the plot. It’s like a wine that lingers on the tongue and brings back memories of other pleasant wines.

When I picked a book last night I’d hoped for a page turner. I didn’t expect something that would consume every spare moment of the following day, but there is no other way to read Piranesi.


This is a first map in Inkarnate of a new world I’ve had in my head. It’s currently called Montia but I may change the name.

It’s a kind of vanilla looking map that hides some grim happenings. The west is dominated by an Elven like species. High Elves in the north, Dark Elves in the south. The Dark Elves are vampiric and harvest humans as cattle. The High Elves appease this behaviour in an uneasy truce.

To the East, the humans outside of the Dark Elves reaches are too divided to unite. I’m not really sure what the Draconic people are doing yet but they feel cool somehow.