Testament – We Need Love

“We need love, love, love”

Testament – We Need Love

When you’re blogging about your favourite songs of all time, it’s nice to write about the artistry of lyrics or the innovative riff from a legendary guitarist.

This entry has none of those. It’s a soulful house track to a typical 4/4 beat. It has a very good saxophone sound running through it which is common in a lot of the house music that I love.

What stands this track apart is the vocal and the memory. The vocal is a multi layered “We need love, love, love”. Up there with 2 Unlimited’s No Limits but not quite Paul Simon level.

But then add in years of friendship. Give that friendship a little twist. Maybe break it in water and knead it together again. Now take it to a twice yearly celebration of the very best house music that is like Mecca to you both. Dance there with that friend until 5am and the sun is coming up and this is the very last track of the Saturday night going into Sunday morning.

The sax is like the sun breaking the night sky, it both chills your soul and massages your muscles at the same time. “We need love, love, love” feels like ascending the steps to the Pearly Gates.

It was beautiful and more than I deserved. A highlight in a friendship that had already had so many highlights.

Rhye – Open

“I’m a fool for that shake in your thighs,

I’m a fool for that sound in your sighs”

Rhye – Open

Who were Rhye? That was the question when Open dropped in 2013. A soulful and sensual number. The vocals, so soft and vulnerable had an androgynous feel to them . There was very little information until finally the singer was revealed to be Mike Milosh.

The track opens with some nice strings that build with modulated vocals to a very brief woodwind and then drops for the vocals. It’s a great intro.

Whenever people discuss favourite songs there is always a memory behind them. Mine of this is playing it for my musically minded best friend James and it having the same impact on him as it did with me. It was one song among many that we listened to while drinking wine, a motif of a great evening.

The lyrics are sexy, starting with an appreciation for his lover’s body during orgasm (shake in your thighs, sound in your sighs) but then go to some ambiguity referring to the lover being faded.

Is she physically tired or does the singer fear she is losing interest in the relationship? When the singer asks her to stay is he referring to relationship or is she sleepy?

The ambiguity continues throughout the song, he continues to describe how lost in love he is (caught in a pool held in your eyes, caught with a fool like a line) but also references the “gentle sting between us”.

Is the gentle sting a reference to a pain in the relationship or is he using the imagery of a wasp to refer to penetration.

Does the outro of “stay open” refer to something more carnal than simply pleading she keeps her hands open?

These questions all play out to the dreamy music that could easily be either post coital or break up.

It’s a great song and as of the 16th July 2019, one of my top 200.